Court considers the will of the judge who created the ‘Golden Rule’

GOSS-CUSTARD & ANOR V TEMPLEMAN & ORS [2020] EWHC 632 (CH) Following a seven-day trial, judgment was handed down on 28 January 2020 upholding the Last Will and Testament of Lord Templeman. Lord Templeman was a distinguished Law Lord, well known for his significant contributions to English law, often expressed in bold terms. One such … Read more

Where there’s a certified copy Will, there’s a way? English High Court admits certified copy Will to probate, despite dispute about whether the will-maker had revoked it

In Blyth v Sykes [2019] EWHC 54 (Ch), the English High Court decided that an estate would be administered in accordance with a certified copy of the will-maker’s Will.  This was despite the Claimant arguing that the will-maker had deliberately revoked her Will by destroying it.  This case is a useful reminder that Courts insist … Read more