The Australian revenue authorities have been very active recently issuing judgments, making pronouncements and intensifying enforcement activity, all directed to the way the tax system operates in relation to income made from, and gains arising on transactions with, assets that… Read more

Australian tax law bites trust law on franking credits

The High Court of Australia has restored sanity in a long running saga in which a trustee purported to separate franking credits from the underlying dividends in allocations to beneficiaries. The Court held (as the parties now accepted) that this… Read more

Private Groups and Trusts under ATO scrutiny

The ATO in Australia continues to target privately owned and wealthy groups, with specific focus on groups with risky trust structures that exhibit characteristics of tax avoidance or evasion. ... Read more

Labor’s Family Trust Distribution Tax

In an audacious move to target income splitting, if elected, the Australian Labor Party (ALP) has announced that it will introduce a minimum standard 30 per cent tax rate on all discretionary trust distributions made to beneficiaries over the age… Read more

A severe case of the penalties

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) has handed down its decision in Peter Sleiman Investments Pty Limited as Trustee for The Sleiman Family Trust and Commissioner of Taxation (Taxation) [2017] AATA 999 (Sleiman). The decision is a timely reminder of the… Read more

Trust law bites back against the Australian Tax Office

The recent decision of the Full Federal Court of Australia in Thomas v Commissioner of Taxation1 is a timely reminder of two points: tax results are often dictated by the rules of the non-tax world, and even unattractive cases sometimes win.… Read more

Tax transparency – a looming issue for Private Groups?

In efforts to increase the “public awareness of corporate tax issues,” tax transparency has been a popular policy option to “maintain public pressure on aggressive tax practices”. Whilst the focus has typically been on large multinationals, broader tax transparency measures… Read more

Private Groups attracting ATO attention

The ATO has once again shown Private Groups that it is committed to greater transparency – however only this time, it is the ATO that is being transparent. Late last week, the ATO released a list of behaviours, characteristics and… Read more

France – Latest news for trusts

The trust regime in France was marked by two events this summer: the suspension of the right to consult the public register of trusts, and a decision of the French Supreme Court which brings into question the constitutionality of the fine… Read more

UK Budget 2016

Last week the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer handed down his eighth Budget. Whilst the 'sugar tax' will attract many of the headlines, there was much else to digest for corporates and individuals alike.  ... Read more

Trust filing duties under the French Tax Code

Although an entity is not identified as a "trust" in its country of establishment, it could fall within the scope of the filing duty in France in relation to trusts as long as it meets the French Tax Code (hereinafter… Read more