France – Latest news for trusts

The trust regime in France was marked by two events this summer: the suspension of the right to consult the public register of trusts, and a decision of the French Supreme Court which brings into question the constitutionality of the fine for failure to comply with trust reporting duties. We discuss these two developments in this … Read more

France’s Trust Ownership Registry

According to French law, as a trustee (officially referred to as an "administrator"), you may have a disclosure obligation to the French Tax Administration that involves two declarations: an annual declaration (2181-TRUST 2 Form) including an inventory of the net value of the assets and rights held by the trust; an event-triggered declaration (2181-TRUST 1 … Read more

Trust filing duties under the French Tax Code

Although an entity is not identified as a "trust" in its country of establishment, it could fall within the scope of the filing duty in France in relation to trusts as long as it meets the French Tax Code (hereinafter "FTC") definition of a trust, i.e. the legal relationship created in a foreign State by … Read more