What is a “reasonable time” for a tenant to remedy a breach of lease?

Generally, if a landlord intends to terminate a lease due to a tenant’s breach of the lease,  the landlord must first serve a notice (Breach Notice) on the tenant that: specifies the particular breach; if the breach is capable of remedy, requires the tenant to remedy the breach; and if the landlord claims monetary compensation … Read more

COVID-19: Pressure Points: Real Estate Landlord Tenants Update

The shockwaves from the outbreak of COVID-19 are being felt right across the Australian economy – and commercial real estate is no different. Tenants and landlords are facing the prospect of a prolonged reduction in business activity, remote working and even total shutdown – none of which were anticipated at the time they signed their lease. The legal implications of this invidious state of affairs have been the subject of both considerable interest and uncertainty. To assist, we have prepared this guide on the key legal issues arising under commercial leases in the COVID-19 environment and what Government measures are presently available for landlords and tenants. Read more

COVID-19: Pressure Points: NSW Emergency Measures – Commercial Landlord Briefing

On 29 March the National Cabinet agreed the principles that will underpin relief for commercial tenancies in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This comes after the passing by the NSW legislative Council and Legislative Assembly of the COVID-19 Legislative Amendment (Emergency Measures) Act 2020 (Act) on 25 March 2020. In this article, we discuss what the National Cabinet announcement means for commercial tenancies and what the ACT means for retail tenancies. Read more