The Growth Plan 2022 – tax implications for real estate

Friday’s “mini-Budget”, referred to formally by the Government as “The Growth Plan 2022”, was anything but mini. Packed with tax cuts and simplifying measures, there was plenty to interest the real estate world. We highlight the key tax points of interest below (over and above the announcement that corporation tax will remain at 19%, and … Read more

UK landlords seize the reins on commercial rent arrears

The ground-breaking Covid Commercial Rent Arrears arbitration scheme imposed a moratorium on landlord’s enforcement action for ringfenced arrears until 23 September 2022. Tenants have not, on the whole utilised the scheme. As the end-date looms closer and there are no whispers of an extension (unsurprising in the wake of the reshufflings at Downing Street… there … Read more

New PM – nutrient neutrality and other planning promises

Today we have a new Prime Minister, bringing new policies. Much was said during the Conservative Party leadership election about what the new PM will change – a range of promises to the party faithful on the cost of living crisis, energy, housing and the environment to name but a few. The wording was careful, … Read more

Registration regime for overseas entities up and running – what you need to know

Following the passing of the Economic Crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Act 2022 in March of this year, the Companies House register of overseas entities became live on 1 August 2022. From today the Land Registry will start placing restrictions on the titles of freehold and leasehold estates owned by overseas entities. Our update here provides … Read more

IPA Annual Report on Major Projects – end of the road for planning reform?

A developer client recently commented “Because what we need now is more uncertainty, right?”, or words to that effect. Uncertainty about what? Planning reform. Because, in spite of “planning” apparently holding back housing and development for years, stymieing the ambitions of renters to get on the property ladder and of many more to have a … Read more

Climate change: Is it a legal issue?

Climate change regularly grabs the headlines, but are solicitors obliged to consider its impacts for property ownership as part of their advice to buyers and lenders? In the latest issue of Property Law Journal (July/August 2022, #399) Julie Vaughan considers what sort of advice might a solicitor be expected to offer. See here for her … Read more

Decarbonising Cities

Cities are responsible for around 75% of global CO2 emissions. To effectively battle climate change, urban hubs will need to be in the vanguard. A handful of cities are aware of this responsibility, and willingly placed themselves on the front lines in the effort to decarbonise. Across the UK, mainland Europe and the Asia Pacific, … Read more