Co-living in Europe

In an article for Real Estate. Reconsidered, we looked at market and legal issues affecting co-living in the UK (for the article see here). In “Co-living – market and legal issues for co-living projects in Europe” we look at co-living further afield, in France, Germany and Spain as well as the UK. To recap, what … Read more

Ring in the new? – planning update

In Planning for Housing, published in Real Estate. Reconsidered last month, we took a look at ongoing Government initiatives designed to tackle the housing crisis, and also the problems faced by high streets and town centres. Throughout we noted that whether and how various initiatives would be progressed depended on the result of the General … Read more

Plastics – modern wonder

This article was first published on 11 December 2019 in Real Estate. Reconsidered. Our love affair with man-made plastics really began in the 19th century with a material derived from cellulose called Parkesine after its British inventor Alexander Parkes. Now there are around 45 unique types of plastics, each with dozens of variations. The key … Read more

Development obligations – squaring triangles?

This article was first published on 11 December 2019 in Real Estate. Reconsidered. In real estate development everything comes down to managing an (un)holy trinity of risks; namely cost, time, and quality. Take a building contract between a developer and a contractor: if the developer wants a high quality building delivered quickly, it will pay … Read more

Last mile logistics

This article was first published on 11 December 2019 in Real Estate. Reconsidered. Logistics and last mile industrial remain on the ascendant, with significant transactional activity on both the occupier and investor sides. Investors and advisers need to be up to speed with the commercial and technological developments in these sub-sectors to ensure the transaction … Read more

Real Estate. Reconsidered

Yesterday the HSF Real Estate team launched Real Estate. Reconsidered, a collection of our thoughts on some of the key issues that are impacting the real estate sector and our opinions on what the future may hold for the real estate market and its legal landscape. To read Real Estate. Reconsidered click here. Please contact us … Read more

General Election 2019 – potential impact on real estate

In our blog post of 4 October 2019 we looked at potential land use and planning policies announced at the Labour and Liberal Democrat Party conferences this autumn and how they could affect developers. Since then, the Election has been set for 12 December and the major parties have published their manifestos. To what extent … Read more

The compulsory purchase regime in England podcast series – EP6: Compensation

The final episode in our podcast series on the compulsory purchase regime in England is now ready to download – this episode can be found on iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud. In this episode, Rebecca Butterworth, an associate in our planning team, discusses the important issue of compensation. We hope that this series has been interesting. … Read more