Real Estate Development Yule Blog – 11 metre buildings

In this instalment of our Real Estate Development Yule Blog we look at the impact that the Building Safety Act 2022 (BSA 2022) has in relation to residential buildings that are at least 11 metres (or five storeys) tall by way of Remediation Orders that can be made against landlords and Remediation Contribution Orders that … Read more

Real Estate Development Yule Blog – 12 points to ponder

As we look forward to what we hope is a less tumultuous 2023 our Real Estate Development Yule Blog starting today should provide you with a taste of some of the issues we have been concerned with this year which will continue to be of huge relevance to the real estate industry. We start the … Read more

Conservation covenants – now registrable

Conservation covenants were introduced by the Environment Act 2021. They are private, voluntary legal agreements which bind current and future landowners to positive and restrictive conservation related actions. They have been available for use since 30 September 2022, but rules enabling a conservation covenant to be registered as a local land charge came into effect … Read more

Growth Plan 2022 – Investment Zones, planning reform and housing targets

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the future of planning. On 23 September, the Chancellor announced the government’s Growth Plan 2022, and last week has seen Conservative Party Conference speeches from the new Levelling Up Minister, Simon Clarke, and the Prime Minister putting (limited) flesh on the bones on the future of levelling … Read more

Climate change: Is it a legal issue?

Climate change regularly grabs the headlines, but are solicitors obliged to consider its impacts for property ownership as part of their advice to buyers and lenders? In the latest issue of Property Law Journal (July/August 2022, #399) Julie Vaughan considers what sort of advice might a solicitor be expected to offer. See here for her … Read more

Decarbonising Cities

Cities are responsible for around 75% of global CO2 emissions. To effectively battle climate change, urban hubs will need to be in the vanguard. A handful of cities are aware of this responsibility, and willingly placed themselves on the front lines in the effort to decarbonise. Across the UK, mainland Europe and the Asia Pacific, … Read more

Environment Act 2021 – HSF Latest Thinking

The Environment Act 2021 is a major piece of legislation which radically transforms environmental governance in the UK. Through four cornerstones the Act: establishes a new supra regulator of regulators, the Office for Environmental Protection (OEP), which can investigate any public authority failing to comply with environmental law obligations and launch a new environmental review … Read more

Energy efficiency in commercial buildings

Energy performance of commercial buildings is a key element in the government’s drive both to reduce the UK’s emissions in the push towards net zero emissions by 2050 and to tackle inefficient energy use. Faced with statistics highlighting the disproportionate contribution of non-domestic buildings to emissions the government has for some time been introducing more … Read more

Asbestos – the elephant in the room

A recent UK Parliamentary select committee report calls asbestos “one of the great workplace tragedies of modern times” and calls for all asbestos to be removed from public and commercial buildings over the next 40 years. The installation of asbestos in buildings has been banned since the start of 2000 and in many cases asbestos … Read more