Conservation covenants – now registrable

Conservation covenants were introduced by the Environment Act 2021. They are private, voluntary legal agreements which bind current and future landowners to positive and restrictive conservation related actions. They have been available for use since 30 September 2022, but rules enabling a conservation covenant to be registered as a local land charge came into effect … Read more

Autumn Statement 2022 – implications for planning and development

Yesterday’s Autumn Statement was keenly awaited by many. Among the news that developers hoped to learn was what we can expect for planning reform, on which see our post here. Have we got the clarity that we were hoping for? To some extent perhaps. From a planning point of view the Autumn Statement may have … Read more

The Growth Plan: Political upheaval and planning

EG reported this afternoon that the government’s Investment Zone policy “is rumoured to be scrapped” in Monday’s Autumn Statement – we will know more in a few days’ time. The uncertainty surrounding this is now unfortunately familiar when it comes to changes to the planning system. Investment Zones were a significant part of the previous … Read more

Growth Plan 2022 – Investment Zones, planning reform and housing targets

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the future of planning. On 23 September, the Chancellor announced the government’s Growth Plan 2022, and last week has seen Conservative Party Conference speeches from the new Levelling Up Minister, Simon Clarke, and the Prime Minister putting (limited) flesh on the bones on the future of levelling … Read more

New PM – nutrient neutrality and other planning promises

Today we have a new Prime Minister, bringing new policies. Much was said during the Conservative Party leadership election about what the new PM will change – a range of promises to the party faithful on the cost of living crisis, energy, housing and the environment to name but a few. The wording was careful, … Read more

IPA Annual Report on Major Projects – end of the road for planning reform?

A developer client recently commented “Because what we need now is more uncertainty, right?”, or words to that effect. Uncertainty about what? Planning reform. Because, in spite of “planning” apparently holding back housing and development for years, stymieing the ambitions of renters to get on the property ladder and of many more to have a … Read more

Decarbonising Cities

Cities are responsible for around 75% of global CO2 emissions. To effectively battle climate change, urban hubs will need to be in the vanguard. A handful of cities are aware of this responsibility, and willingly placed themselves on the front lines in the effort to decarbonise. Across the UK, mainland Europe and the Asia Pacific, … Read more

Environment Act 2021 – HSF Latest Thinking

The Environment Act 2021 is a major piece of legislation which radically transforms environmental governance in the UK. Through four cornerstones the Act: establishes a new supra regulator of regulators, the Office for Environmental Protection (OEP), which can investigate any public authority failing to comply with environmental law obligations and launch a new environmental review … Read more