Supreme Court’s input required on dealing with restrictive covenants

    All eyes will be on the Supreme Court this July, as it hears the developer’s appeal against the Court of Appeal’s decision in Alexander Devine Children’s Cancer Trust v Millgate Developments Limited and others [2018] EWCA Civ 2679, a case in which a developer built social housing in knowing breach of covenant. The Court of … Read more

    RICS Code for leasing business premises – a new standard for a new decade

    After a considerable period of consultation, RICS have this week published the new “Code for leasing business premises” (1st edition, February 2020) (the New Code) which, according to RICS, aims to make the process of commercial lease negotiations faster, more transparent and fairer. There is also hope that the new requirements will encourage businesses to … Read more

    Delivering deliberative democracy – Government commitment to community involvement in decision making

    Community involvement sits at the heart of the planning process. Evidence shows that enabling people to participate in the decisions that affect them improves confidence in dealing with local issues, builds bridges between citizens and the government, fosters engagement, and increases social capital. It also increases people’s understanding of how decisions are taken, which can … Read more

    Environment Bill reintroduced

    The Environment Bill 2020 was re-introduced into the House of Commons last week. It is an updated version of the bill published in October 2019 that was withdrawn due to the General Election (see here for our blog post on this). If adopted, it will be the most substantial piece of primary legislation on the … Read more

    HS2 back on track?

    The future of HS2 looked uncertain for a while but reports that Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid will back the project may pave the way for the government to announce that it will go ahead with what is currently the largest infrastructure project in Europe. The Oakervee Report On 21 August 2019, Transport Secretary … Read more

    Prevention is better than cure: planning, health and well-being

    “Health and well-being” is on the Government’s radar. Two recent publications, a housing design audit by University College London (UCL) and a Department for Transport survey, prompt consideration of the role that the planning process in England plays in ensuring the health and well-being of the people who live and work in this country. In … Read more

    Co-living in Europe

    In an article for Real Estate. Reconsidered, we looked at market and legal issues affecting co-living in the UK (for the article see here). In “Co-living – market and legal issues for co-living projects in Europe” we look at co-living further afield, in France, Germany and Spain as well as the UK. To recap, what … Read more

    Ring in the new? – planning update

    In Planning for Housing, published in Real Estate. Reconsidered last month, we took a look at ongoing Government initiatives designed to tackle the housing crisis, and also the problems faced by high streets and town centres. Throughout we noted that whether and how various initiatives would be progressed depended on the result of the General … Read more

    Plastics – modern wonder

    This article was first published on 11 December 2019 in Real Estate. Reconsidered. Our love affair with man-made plastics really began in the 19th century with a material derived from cellulose called Parkesine after its British inventor Alexander Parkes. Now there are around 45 unique types of plastics, each with dozens of variations. The key … Read more