Architects’ copyright

The HSF Intellectual Property team has produced an interesting podcast on the problems associated with the use of architects’ designs where specific permissions are not in place, and the impact on development projects. The podcast covers: What sort of works attract copyright? How could these copyright works be infringed? Who owns copyright in architects’ designs? … Read more

The compulsory purchase regime in England podcast series – EP6: Compensation

The final episode in our podcast series on the compulsory purchase regime in England is now ready to download – this episode can be found on iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud. In this episode, Rebecca Butterworth, an associate in our planning team, discusses the important issue of compensation. We hope that this series has been interesting. … Read more

Construction Contract & Claims Management Podcast Series – EP4: How to Prepare for a Potential Construction Dispute

Given the complexity of issues and the amounts that are typically involved in construction disputes – particularly those arising from large-scale development projects – preparing early and properly for a potential construction dispute is an important process, but one which can be time-consuming and expensive. Preparing for a potential construction dispute where a formal dispute … Read more