Equitable easements – a trap for the unwary developer

When purchasing a development site, it is important to make sure that the site can be used for the purpose for which it is acquired. When it comes to easements, in theory a purchaser should not get any nasty surprises. However, overriding equitable easements can be hard to detect but can have costly consequences. What are they, what is their impact and how can the risk they present be minimised? Continue reading

Legal Due Diligence on the Acquisition of a Development Site

Author: Shona Grey, Partner, Real Estate, London

The scope and form of legal due diligence on the acquisition of a development site is key to ascertaining the parameters of your proposed development and any third party legal interests which will need to dealt with before commencement of development (including existing tenants and adjoining or neighbouring owners).

Here we consider the form that such due diligence may take, the key differences between Certificates of Title, reports on title and development constraints reports and common considerations for each form of reporting.

1. Reports or Certificates of Title

2. What is a report on title or a development constraints report?

3. What is a Certificate of Title?

4. Common factors for reports on title and Certificates of Title

5. Some important considerations for both reports and Certificates of Title


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