The impact of purdah on planning and a recent decision on judicial review

Author: Fiona Sawyer, Professional Support Lawyer, Planning, London

This week, we have links to two pieces of interest to developers:

  • "Getting away with purdah" – an article in EG by Matthew White, Head of Planning, and Annika Holden, Associate (Australia), Planning, London discussing the impact of the convention of purdah, brought into play by the unexpected announcement of the snap general election. Purdah has the potential to severely disrupt and delay the planning process; recent experience has shown that it is often inconsistently applied, can cause confusion and can be invoked as an excuse to avoid controversial decisions. The article comments on the history, status and potential exploitation of purdah, highlighting relevant caselaw. For the full article, see here.
  • "Failure to comply with statutory conditions will lead to quashing unless it is 'highly likely' the error would have made no difference" – an ebulletin by our London Administrative and Public Law team, discussing the impact of a recent planning judicial review case concerning a council's decision to adopt a document setting out an interim approach to negotiating affordable housing contributions. Key points include that the High Court must generally refuse relief on an application for judicial review if it appears "highly likely that the outcome for the applicant would not have been substantially different if the conduct complained of had not occurred". For the full ebulletin, see here.

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