Autumn Statement highlights – lowering of additional income tax rate threshold, reduction in CGT and dividend income tax allowances

Following on from the reversal of much of the mini-budget on 17 October, in today’s Autumn Statement the Chancellor announced a number of measures which are relevant to remuneration and incentives. In particular there will be a reduction to the threshold at which the 45% additional rate of income tax applies, the freezing of other … Read more

New FCA webpage and templates on the MIFIDPRU Remuneration Code

The new FCA webpage on the remuneration code as part of the prudential sourcebook for MiFID Investment Firms (MIFIDPRU). The new webpage sets out: how the MIFIDPRU remuneration code applies; self-assessment templates and tables; reporting requirements; and disclosure requirements. Read more

Tax-advantaged share plans: HMRC extends share valuation period to 120 days

HMRC has published amendments to its Shares and Assets Valuation Manual as part of which it has extended the period for which an agreed valuation of unquoted shares will remain valid for the purposes of grants under a tax-advantaged share plan from 90 to 120 days. This 120-day period is relevant only to valuations in … Read more

Glass Lewis updated guidance on its approach to executive compensation in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic for the EMEA region

Glass Lewis has updated its COVID-19 guidance to remove specific references to fiscal years, and to clarify that it will apply throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for companies and industries that continue to be affected by the pandemic. The guidance notes that the uncertainties causes by the pandemic have highlighted the need … Read more

FRC Annual Review of UK Corporate Governance Code reporting

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has published its Annual Review of the UK Corporate Governance Code. The report discusses the quality of reporting against the UK Corporate Governance Code in 2021 and the FRC’s expectations for companies reporting in 2022. The FRC notes that reporting has improved overall since last year, in particular where companies have … Read more

Investment Association principles of remuneration for 2022

The Investment Association (IA) has published its annual letter to remuneration committee chairs as well as its updated Principles of Remuneration. The Principles have been updated to reflect developments in market practice and investor expectations, including: Linking executive pay and ESG targets – Where companies link executive pay and bonuses to ESG metrics, the rationale … Read more

Case law update: tax payer wins appeal on meaning of “by reason of employment”

In Vermilion Holdings Ltd v HMRC, an individual originally held an option to subscribe for shares which HMRC accepted was not “employment-related”.   As part of a refinancing, that option was released for the grant of a less favourable replacement option.  At the same time, the individual became a director of the issuing company. At the … Read more

GAAR Advisory Panel of 11 May 2021 published relating to rewards in the form of loans for employees including contributions to a trust

The General Anti Abuse Rule (GAAR) Advisory Panel has published an opinion dated 11 May 2021 in which it concluded that arrangements designed to avoid employment taxation of payments to directors while securing a corporation tax deduction for their employing company was not a reasonable course of action. It was noted that the arrangements strongly … Read more