In this episode, Jonathan Cross, Susannah Cogman and Alex Hokenson discuss secondary sanctions, a type of sanctions frequently used by the US in recent years. Jonathan explains what secondary sanctions are and how the US has used secondary sanctions to compel non-US companies to stop dealing with the targets of US sanctions.

Our guest for this episode is Susannah Cogman, a partner in the HSF London Corporate Crime and Investigations practice. Susannah offers a view from the EU and UK, focusing on how these regions have responded to US secondary sanctions and the adoption of blocking legislation to limit their effect.

We also discuss several sanctions-related news stories from the US and the UK, including:

  • New US sanctions against Chinese companies connected to Xinjiang.
  • The Biden Administration’s introduction of a new “Chinese Military-Industrial Complex” sanctions list.
  • The stalled progress of negotiations between the US and Iran to re-enter the JCPOA.
  • Western sanctions imposed on Belarus following its recent grounding of an international flight to arrest a journalist.
  • The UK’s introduction of a new global anti-corruption sanctions regime.

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