Tax Insight: demystify the Australia to U.S. “flip-up” for Australian start-ups

By Toby Eggleston and Elizabeth Henderson If your Australian company is pursuing United States investors or seeking to grow its presence in the United States, you may want (or need) to consider a “flip-up” to a U.S. entity. While a flip-up can bring significant advantages, the process can be complicated and unfamiliar to entrepreneurs used … Read more

Toby Eggleston shares his expert advice on the top tax issues in tech deals

By Toby Eggleston Toby Eggleston joins Malika Chandrasegaran and Mia Harrison-Kelf on the Inside Tech: Done Deal podcast to discuss the tax related issues that arise when negotiating tech deals. They cover what regulators, such as FIRB and the ATO, are thinking about at the moment, issues such as scrip for scrip rollover, earnouts, retention … Read more

Tax Insight: Draft Share Buy-back Rules

By Ryan Leslie, Alistair Haskett and Graeme Cooper Summary One of the few tax surprises in the October 2022 Budget was the announcement that “the tax treatment of off-market share buy-backs undertaken by listed public companies” would be aligned “with the treatment of on-market share buy-backs.” Treasury has now released an Exposure Draft of the … Read more

Public Register of Beneficial Ownership

By Toby Eggleston and Graeme Cooper Treasury has released a Consultation Paper outlining a second attempt to establish a publicly-accessible register recording the beneficial ownership of certain types of legal entity formed in Australia. About 3 million unlisted companies and unlisted registered managed investment schemes are expected to be affected by the measure, Listed entities do … Read more

Australia’s Budget 2022-23

By Toby Eggleston, Nick Heggart, Ryan Leslie and Graeme Cooper The first Budget of the new ALP Government contained only one tax surprise for the business community, as well as some additional details on the proposed changes to the thin capitalisation regime and the deductibility of royalties. But it serves as a reminder of the … Read more

Tax Insight: Draft Legislation on Franking and Capital Raising

By Ryan Leslie, Alistair Haskett and Graeme Cooper Treasury has released an Exposure Draft of legislation which will further curtail the ability of companies to frank distributions, a measure first announced in December 2016 (while Scott Morrison was still Treasurer!). Read more