Future of Consumer APAC: Advertising and online trends in China

Cathy Liu shares some recommendations for brands doing business in China following the latest online promotion and advertising trends, beginning with tightening regulation of the booming livestreaming and KOLs (influencers) industry, underlining the importance of honest representation (including account profile, audience comments and video settings) and a crack-down on false claims in advertising. Geopolitical tensions … Read more

Future of Consumer APAC: Confronting complexity in cybersecurity trends for the consumer sector

Cameron Whittfield and Peggy Chow discuss the latest cybersecurity trends for consumer-facing companies including external threats which may include working with third parties and complex supply chains through to the malicious targeting of companies with ransomware, current affairs and social engineering, the cryptocurrency marketplace and geopolitical factors. They emphasise the importance of internal stakeholders speaking … Read more

Deadline for crowdfunding service providers to transition to the EU’s new crowdfunding regulatory framework

EU – FINANCE  Crowdfunding service providers must transition to the framework provided by the Regulation on European Crowdfunding Service Providers, which came into force on 10 November 2021, by 10 November 2022. The new rules provide standardised requirements across the EU for lending- and investment-based crowdfunding for offers up to €5 million per project owner. Read more

Deadline for CMA to publish its market study into music streaming

UK– COMPETITION The Competition Market Authority (“CMA“) has launched a market study into music and streaming services that will focus on potential harm to consumers as well as any lack of competition in the market caused by current practices. The study will consider how the market influences consumers’ experience and if innovation is being stifled. Read more

Future of Consumer APAC: The rise of the NFT marketplace

Julian Lincoln and Susannah Wilkinson explain the fundamentals of buying, selling and issuing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to reach new consumers and marketplaces – describing NFTs as the “digital bridge” between traditional physical products and the metaverse. They outline some of the important legal aspects (e.g. IP rights, consumer protection and financial services regulation) to consider … Read more