Growing social and political pressures combined with disruptive technologies and scientific innovation are changing the way pharma companies do business.
In their mission to address unmet medical need and deliver differentiated products, pharma companies and other players in the sector are adapting their business models to deliver increased value. Three forces are converging to drive this change:

  • Personalised Healthcare – the personalisation of healthcare either to a specific individual or a group of patients
  • Precision medicine  – a medicine designed to be of optimised efficiency or therapeutic benefit for a specific individual or a group of patients
  • Smart Healthcare – use of technology to improve healthcare delivery or quality of life

Technological advancement underpins these forces,  with pharma companies increasingly partnering with non-traditional players such as tech giants and agile start-ups. As business leaders embark on this journey and look to capitalise on new opportunities, we explore some of the legal and commercial issues arising as pharma enters its most transformative era.

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