In episode 2 of our Tech Disputes podcast series Revolution or evolution? we take a look at Trade Secrets Disputes – protecting your key business information.

Innovation needs to happen at a rapid pace. IP rights are key to locking in the investment made in innovation but in the short term, trade secrets can play a very significant role.

The increasing number of questions we have been getting from clients over the past few years on trade secrets has been really noticeable. This has been driven by the need to protect tech innovation and key business information, data, and business methods that a company wishes to keep exclusively for themselves. Trade secret theft is becoming an increasing issue, whether mediated by cyber-attacks or employees (or ex-employees).

The key questions we will cover in this podcast, with practical examples, are:

  • Why are trade secrets an important remedy to be able to rely on?
  • How do you go about protecting trade secrets adequately?
  • How do you enforce your trade secrets?

You can listen to the podcast here.

The rest of the series will cover topics including:

  • Collaboration disputes
  • Software audit disputes and data licensing disputes
  • Data related issues, incl cyber, data security and insurance
  • Reputation management issues
  • Forms of DR for technology disputes
  • Human rights issues relevant to tech companies
  • Investment protection and state immunity


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