Political agreement reached on controversial EU Digital Copyright Directive: A fair and balanced result?

Following a turbulent course of lengthy negotiations and delays, political agreement was finally reached by the European Commission, European Parliament and the Council of the EU on the revised proposal of the EU Copyright Directive (the “Directive“) earlier this month. The final consolidated text was made available on 20 February 2019. The Commission first adopted … Read more

Digital TMT and Sourcing Predictions 2019

  2018 was a landmark year for digital TMT and sourcing. Against the backdrop of the UK’s impending departure from the EU, there were a wealth of highlights as regulation moved further towards greater harmonisation at the European level; the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR“) came into effect on 25 May 2018 and implemented … Read more

Updates to AVMS Directive enter into force

As part of its Digital Single Market Strategy and following extensive consultation in 2015, in May 2016 the European Commission adopted new legislative amendments to the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (“AVMSD“). The proposals seek to modernise the Directive to reflect “market, consumption and technological changes”, largely arising from convergence between television and internet services and … Read more

Audiovisual media services: Back to the 80’s?!

On 19 March 2018, the European Commission published a notice to stakeholders on the consequences of Brexit for audiovisual media services. This makes it clear that, subject to any transitional arrangement, as of the withdrawal date, the EU rules in the field of audiovisual media services will no longer apply to the UK. Therefore, in … Read more

Ofcom reports on ISP compliance with the EU net neutrality regulation and the FCC suggest amendments to the 2015 Order in the US

Ofcom has recently published its annual report monitoring internet service providers’ (“ISP“) compliance with the EU Net Neutrality Regulation (the “Regulation“). The Regulation came into effect on 30 April 2016 and imposes a range of obligations on ISPs including the way in which they manage data traffic on their networks and the terms and conditions … Read more

New content portability rules published in the EU Official Journal

On 30 June 2017, the new regulation on cross-border content portability was published in the EU Official Journal. Under the Regulation EU citizens will be able to make full use of their paid online content services (across film, sport, television, music, e-books and gaming) wherever they are in the EU. This follows an informal agreement … Read more