Punching above its weight: Tech Nation report highlights strength of UK Tech on the global stage

On 14 May 2019, Tech Nation published its Annual Tech National Report, setting out the 'state of the nation on tech'. The report makes it clear that the UK is a 'critical hub' in the global technology ecosystem and a strong economic performer. In particular, the report provides a number of key statistics on the UK tech sector and offers a number of recommendations on how the UK can continue to operate as a global hub for tech entrepreneurs. Read more

Driving Data Compliance

Connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs) are increasingly capable of creating, collecting and processing a wealth of data. However, in order for vehicle manufacturers and CAV stakeholders to access and extract the value in such data, they must do so lawfully. This is especially true in relation to personal data which is governed in the EU (and beyond) by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This post explores at a high level how CAV stakeholders can ensure compliance with the GDPR, particularly in relation to CAVs which process personal data of vehicle drivers, owners and pedestrians. Read more

European Parliament’s transport committee opposes Commission’s preference for Wi-Fi as the communication standard for connected and autonomous vehicles

Following months of debate, the European Commission approved its long-anticipated delegated act on the preferred communication technology standard for connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) on 13 March 2019 (the “Regulation“, available here). However, the Commission’s decision – favouring Wi-Fi technology based on the existing ITS-G5 standard for short-range communications (V2V) – has already hit a … Read more